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Tarot Cards Reading: the Hermit and the Wheel of Fortune

The Hermit is the ninth Tarot card. This tarot card is represented by an old man wearing a cape and carrying a lantern, walking with a cane. This old person seems to walk with caution.  more...

How to Read Justice Tarot Card - Life Is a Balancing Act

Justice might be one of the wisest tarot cards of the deck! Pictured on the card is an often blindfolded woman seated on a throne, holding a sword in one hand and balancing scales in the other. What do these two objects symbolize? What can the Justice card mean for your life? Let's find out!  more...

The Base Cards for the Tarot Suit of Swords: Six through Ten

The base cards in a tarot suit are represented with Ace through 10. Find out what each of the last five base cards in Swords means in a tarot reading.  more...

The First Four Tarot Cards of the Major Arcana Explained

The first four tarot card in the Major Arcana (The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess and The Empress) explained. Find out what these cards mean when they appear in a tarot reading.  more...

Wands Court Cards in a Tarot Deck

A look at the meaning of each Wands court card in a Tarot deck. Several examples are given of each.  more...

The Base Cards for the Tarot Suit of Pentacles, Ace Through Four

The pentacle card represent the material things in life. This article will teach you have to use the first four cards in this suit in a tarot deck.  more...

What Can The Old Man of The Tarot Cards Teach Us?

While many cards in the tarot, especially the trump cards, have undergone serious redesign over the centuries, The Hermit card remains almost exactly the same as it did 500 years ago. Learn what can this old man of the tarot cards teach us today!  more...

The Base Cards for the Tarot Suit of Pentacles, Six Through Ten

Pentacles can represent monetary concerns in person's life when drawn from a tarot deck. This article highlights cards 6 through ten in this suit.  more...

The Pentacles Court Cards of a Tarot Deck

The Page of Pentacles represents a youthfulness that can bear the weight of responsibility on his grounded shoulders. He can manage wealth better than almost anyone else. If this card comes in a tarot reading about an event, he is referring to a material or occupation oriented matter. Good fortune awaits you in one of these areas.  more...

The Last Five Tarot Cards of the Major Arcana Explained

The last five cards of the Major Arcana represent a completion of a cycle. Find out what The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment and the World mean when they appear in a tarot reading.  more...

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