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Capricorn   December 22nd - January 19th

Ruled By: Saturn
Likes: Responsibility, Privacy, Organization, Ambition
Dislikes: Loneliness, Untidiness, Idleness, Frustration
Color: Brown
Planet Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Birth Stone: December: Turquoise, January: Garnet
Compatible With: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Incompatible With: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra

General Traits

Capricorns are forever striving for the top. You have a persistent feeling that you must be something in life, and be doing something at all times. You usually have many projects on the go, a cause that needs your organizational skills, a garden that needs your tending, a home that needs your care, and a family that needs your love. You understand that life is hard work, especially if you want it done right. In your quest for knowledge and wisdom, you are always looking for information that fits well with your vision. You have the ability to use everything you see, hear, or learn to your advantage. You have a strong need for security, and this includes family life, financial stability, and plans for the future. Having great faith in your own power, you will make sure that everything is well taken care of. You have an overall seriousness about you, but you like to have fun, in fact, you need fun to help you dispel the sometimes overwhelming melancholy you can experience. You are reliable, trustworthy, and independent and utilize your calm and reserved nature to accomplish great things. You can suffer from great mood swings, almost in a manic-depressive kind of way. The capriciousness of your ways can put the most adaptable of people on their guard. For the most part however, you are kind and sensitive, concerned with giving people good advice, and helping those who are less fortunate on their way. You must be careful of the tendency to think that your way is the only way, and you should learn to gently guide rather than demand.

On the whole, your vices are balanced by your virtues, and you must be wary of becoming bossy, egotistical, and unmoving. You can cling tenuously to your issues long after they have been useful to you. In your need to feel secure, you may hold many things close to you, almost in a possessive kind of way. Unfortunately, your inner fears may dominate your decision-making processes, so be sure to assess situations with a level head and open mind. Kick up your heels, and let go of the things that hold you back.

In your preoccupation for status, you may seem like a snob to some, but that would be simply shortchanging your true nature. You are actually quite humble, modest, and unobtrusive, working calmly behind the scenes to complete the picture. You expect nothing more than what you have earned and deserve. You simply want the best.

You aren't one to be the center of attention either, but your imaginative outlook on life and intelligent wit will usually attract a crowd of admirers interested in hearing your humorous summarization of the moment. You usually have a hearty and irresistible laugh that will make others feel at ease. You can bring comic relief to just about any situation, and when you are relaxed and happy, you make others feel the same way.


You are fairly traditional in your relationships. You pretty much know what you want, and once you set your gaze on your target, you move slowly and deliberately towards it. Because you demand perfection, you will likely take the time to find the perfect mate. Sometimes this need for perfection works against you however, as you may think that there is no one out there that could possibly live up to your expectations. Relax and take a chance! Once you find that special person you will work very hard to make the union a fulfilling and productive one for the both of you. You are loyal and devoted, with an earthy but unmistakable sexual undercurrent that is ready to zap that lucky person at any time. They won't know what hit them, but they'll be happy that it did.


Underneath that calm and earthy exterior, you have a core of fire. When you find that lucky lover who can stoke your fires of love, then you'll both be as warm as toast in no time. You have a very practical outlook on sex - if it feels good then do it! For you love and sex go hand in hand, and your arousal comes from just being loved and feeling good about the things around you. You try to make your home, surroundings, and family an expression of your love. In this way, you always feel good on some level and so when the time comes to show your lover some loving you are already halfway there! You don't need anything fancy to get aroused. You are persistent, passionate, and loyal to your lover, making every inch feel special. You also love to be on the receiving end, and will reward an attentive lover with sensual delights. In all your seriousness, you actually think sex is great fun and should be experienced as so!

Famous People Born Under Capricorn:

Janis Joplin
Denzel Washington
Dolly Parton
Nicholas Cage
Howard Stern
Ellen Degeneres
Mel Gibson
Steve Allen
Humphrey Bogart
Nat King Cole
Benjamin Franklin
Ava Gardner
Cary Grant
J. Edgar Hoover
Howard Hughes
Joan of Arc
Jim Carey
Kevin Costner
Muhammed Ali
Elvis Presley
Naomi Judd
Robert Duvall
Martin Luther King
Rudyard Kipling
Henry Miller
Isaac Newton
Richard Nixon
Louis Pasteur
Edgar Allan Poe
Loretta Young


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