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Gemini   May 21st - June 21st

Ruled By: Mercury
Likes: Traveling, Communication, Variety, Knowledge
Dislikes: Defeat, Boredom, Complaints, Restraint
Color: Green
Planet Stone: Tiger Eye
Birth Stone: May: Emerald, June: Pearl
Compatible With: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus
Incompatible With: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

General Traits

Geminis, symbolized by the twins, are dual-natured, elusive, quick, and usually very complex. You are the great thinkers and movers of the zodiac. You need to be active, both physically and mentally, learning and using new ideas, and creating and carrying out new plans. This lends well to your need for continuous entertainment and challenges. One of the down sides to this quality is that you may not give each project your best attention. You pursue things enthusiastically, but you lack application. To others, you sometimes seem like two different sides of the same coin - heads, you can be quick and versatile - tails, you can be two-faced and flighty. Because you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of agility and youth, you are very much like a young child in some respects. Whether you are happy or not, everyone knows about it - you demand attention if you've done something great, and you will sulk if things go against you. Your eagerness for life and change can make you restless and moody if you don't have enough to do. You can easily do twice what the average person hopes to accomplish in a day's work. Your active lifestyle enables you to do much, but because you try to fit so much into one day, you have the tendency to overbook yourself, and are usually late for appointments. You have the gift of communication, and tend to be social, popular and open to others, with a genuine interest in them and what's going on in their lives at any given time. You enjoy lending your opinions but you don't necessarily want to become burdened with their situations at large.

You are very clever and sometimes manipulative, and it's not beyond you to contrive a situation and stack the results in your favor. It is not uncommon for you to elaborate on the truth, as you need to add that extra bit of zest to make things more interesting. You can keep your friends amused for long hours with endless stories and bits of information, but you can also lean towards being a bit of a gossip at times. You have a very strong need to communicate with the world at large, and you may be drawn to causes or organizations in which to express yourself and your opinions. You can be rebellious in an attempt to maintain your individuality, but you must remember that because of your dual nature, you are the essence of cooperation, balancing the two sides of yourself in a continual exchange of energies.


In a relationship, you need someone who is attentive to you, but will also give you personal freedom to communicate with others. You are easygoing and rather flirtatious, with a natural sparkle and wit that makes you undeniably attractive to others. You need a partner who can stimulate and keep you interested on all levels; otherwise you may go from relationship to relationship often feeling adrift in the sea of love. You are looking for a soul mate, someone who can mirror you somewhat, but can still be strong in who they are. A partnership is very important to you, and although you can feel very deeply, you may find it hard to express love. You need to be needed, and can sometimes be overwhelmed by confusing emotions, almost putting you at battle with yourself. Sometimes you don't take things seriously enough, and can be superficial and aloof in the matters of love. In your challenge to find someone who can keep up with your fast paced mental processes, you can tend to play mind games which may lead to misunderstanding and unnecessary stress in a relationship. Be aware of this tendency, as it may cause you more unhappiness than potential happiness. Your perfect relationship would be fun, spontaneous, emotionally and physically satisfying, and open to experimentation.


Variety is the spice of life so they say, and you understand this all too well. In your quest to find a perfect mate, you may test the waters of experience more than most. You are experimental on both physical and mental levels, always in search of the perfect lover, sexual experience, or relationship. Whoever you choose to connect with must be able to keep up with your fast pace of life. When you make love, it is often driven by the need to express all your pent up emotions at once, and in this respect you usually approach sex enthusiastically and with great intensity. To you, love and sex go hand in hand, one complements the other, and should exist as so. You love romance and everything that goes along with it. As far as you're concerned, romance is foreplay, and good conversation and other intellectual stimulation are a bonus for your libido.

Famous People Born Under Gemini:

Clint Eastwood
Gene Wilder
Donald Trump
Johnny Depp
Alanis Morrissette
Will Smith
Tim Allen
Dr. Ruth
Lawrence Olivier
Arthur Conan Doyle
Bob Dylan
Ian Fleming
Errol Flynn
Judy Garland
Paul Gauguin
Bob Hope
Jim Belushi
Courtney Cox
Liam Neeson
Michael J. Fox
John Wayne
Melissa Ethridge
Gladys Knight
Lou Gosset Jr.
John F. Kennedy
Marilyn Monroe
Cole Porter
Rosalind Russell
Rudolph Valentino
Walt Whitman


July 12, 2024
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