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Aquarius   January 20th - February 18th

Ruled By: Uranus
Likes: Recognition, Privacy, Surprises, Companionship
Dislikes: Extravagance, Insincerity, Show-offs, Violence
Color: Turquiose
Planet Stone: Turquoise
Birth Stone: January: Garnet, February: Amethyst
Compatible With: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Incompatible With: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio

General Traits

Aquarians have strong and attractive personalities that tend to fall into two categories - the shy, sensitive type and the lively and exuberant type. You may sometimes try to fool people by passing yourself off as being superficial or flighty when inside you're hiding a deep and sensitive soul. You have strong convictions but you can see both sides of an argument, and give the opponent their fare share of credit. You are prepared to learn from everyone, and seek the truth from wherever it comes. You can then weave together what you know and pass it on to others. You are candid and frank, and express yourself with reason, moderation, and at times a little humor. You are strongly imaginative and psychically intuitive, and if you develop your talents you could probably benefit humankind in some way. You are a very hard worker once you find something that rings true for you. Be careful however, not to be so devoted to a cause that you drive yourself to the point of exhaustion and risk your health. You enjoy meeting new people and exchanging ideas, and you relate to most people on a mental level as soon as you meet them. You don't however make friends easily. If someone doesn't appeal to you, you likely won't waste the time listening to what they have to say. If people fail to understand your point of view however, you are prepared to cast them aside, and go on with your life. You may come on too strong if you suspect hypocrisy or less than noble intentions, or if you sense that someone is making false accusations. The friends that you do have however, are loyal, dependable, and thoughtful like you.

At times you may be unsure of your true identity. You are such a complicated character that you can't even figure yourself out! Know that you will always be different, maybe a little eccentric, perhaps seen as an oddball by some, but take heart in the fact that you are an individual who doesn't need to conform to a certain way of being. Independence is one of your virtues, and you will be unique even when you are trying to fit in.

You need to take some time for yourself periodically, and become a temporary loner. Take the time to meditate, and quiet the mind from all the thinking and processing. You have a love for nature and should spend some time enjoying what it has to offer you. This can be a source of spiritual energy for you, especially if you spend time near water. Water holds a special interest for you, as your symbol is the water-bearer, pouring out the flow of energy onto the earth.


You first attract people by your open and friendly manner and magnetic charm. When they realize however, that you're intelligent, witty, and open to hearing their views, they are even more hooked. In a relationship, you want a friend and lover who wants to explore your ideas, and help make the world a better place. Your courtships will usually start in a group setting somewhere, where you will have the opportunity to see people interact and show you something of themselves. You will move slowly, methodically, and deliberately, but once you find someone to your liking, a rather offbeat and potentially zany romance is likely to follow. You have a great imagination and you will often be two steps ahead of your partner. You need someone who can appreciate your quirks, understand your internal frustrations, and love you because you are you and for no other reason. You need a soul mate who can help you tap your innermost feelings and help you feel, instead of analyze, who you really are.


You always have sex on your mind, literally! For you, the best way to approach sex is via the mind. You need a mental connection before anything else can happen. Your natural curiosity and creativity will lead you and your lover to many sensual experiments in the bedroom. You require that mind and body connection between you and your lover, as sex for you can liken to a spiritual experience, perhaps for both of you. You need to take the time to enjoy sensual pleasures, and to treat yourself to the good life.

Famous People Born Under Aquarius:

Phil Collins
Michael Jordon
John Travolta
Vanna White
Jackie Robinson
Alan Alda
Oprah Winfrey
John Belushi
John Barrymore
Jack Benny
Lewis Carroll
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Jimmy Durante
Thomas Edison
Mia Farrow
Clark Gable
Farrah Fawcett
Alice Cooper
Joe Pesci
Bob Marley
Tom Selleck
Gene Hackman
Wayne Gretsky
Jack Lemmon
Abraham Lincoln
Paul Newman
Ronald Reagan
Vanessa Redgrave
Norman Rockwell


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