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Cancer   June 22nd - July 22nd

Ruled By: The Moon
Likes: Sentimentality, Affection, Thoughtfulness
Dislikes: Discomfort, Uncleanliness, Criticism, Crisis
Color: Silver
Planet Stone: Moonstone
Birth Stone: June: Pearl, July: Ruby
Compatible With: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini
Incompatible With: Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries

General Traits

Cancer is likely the most complex and sensitive sign of the zodiac. You are ruled by the moon, and because of this your moods can be similar, as beautiful and outgoing as the full moon, and as melancholic and distant as the dark moon. The moon is essentially a female symbol, and associated on an emotional level with maternal instincts, service to the public, psychic abilities, and protection of self, family, and friends. You enjoy domestic duties, puttering around the house and taking care of people, making sure they are comfortable, fed, and happy. Your kind and nurturing ways make people feel secure and important, feeling at home in your home. This place is very important to you, as it provides security and protection. It is in essence, your den or your shell. You have a great deal of personal pride and you enjoy comfortable but well made clothes and jewelry that is not too flashy or gaudy. It is important for you to keep up appearances, and you dislike looking dirty or out of place. You have a good sense of value and refuse to waste money on frivolities. Everything you have has a reason to be, whether practical, decorative, or simply for its sentimental value. You may have a treasure chest of miscellaneous sentimental items, cards or pictures that remind you of days past. You may collect antiques, or old cars or dolls, or anything that you believe has value. Your genuine tie to the past is strong and it may be something you feel you have to care for. Cancers need companionship and there is an undeniable need to care for someone or something. The fear of insecurity often leads to putting much time and effort into activities that may help with the feeling of security and self-preservation. You are reliable and consistent, and you usually reach your goals, as you have an aversion to failing or feeling inadequate.

If you feel threatened, you will withdraw and admit defeat rather than defend yourself. This shows your naturally introverted nature, of which you should be wary of, possibly resulting in a tendency to go inside or hide yourself for too long. This may lead to feelings of self-pity, worthlessness, and a deeper fear of failure. A crabby cancer can be sulky, moody, devious, and downright nasty. You find it difficult to joke about yourself because you are so serious about what you think others think of you. You often feel no one really knows how you feel except you. Your emotional fortitude allows you to survive the worst, and you may not always be able to let go completely, but you can move on. Luckily you can have a sense of humor, and you see your trials and tribulations as lessons to share with others.

Because of your helping nature, you should be careful of being taken for granted. You often give more than you receive, and ask little in return for something you likely worked very hard at. If you don't feel appreciated, you may end up bitter and resentful. Be sure you don't give too much of yourself.


Your relationships are highly dependent on love, mutual respect, financial stability, and commitment. In the dance of love, you enjoy being the one in control. You prefer a slow, but sizzling courtship, and being an incurable romantic, you are happiest when your partner remembers the little things that make you smile. You know your partner enjoys the undivided and flirtatious attention you give them as well, and if you are able to find that balance then you are hooked. You expect total devotion from your partner, and want to be totally devoted in return. You respond well to honest warmth and affection, and you genuinely enjoy spending time with your loved one. If your partner can make you feel loved and safe, you will be drawn out of your shell almost magically, transforming before their very eyes. You need physical and emotional well-being, and your partner must do their best to help you fulfill this. On the down side however, you can cling to a lost love long after the love should have dwindled, especially if you were the one cut loose. If you make the decision though, you will likely feel some remorse, but understand that it was best for the both of you.


For you, Cancer, love, sex, and marriage all go hand in hand. You are looking for the right person, someone you can spend the rest of your life with. This is important to you, and to feel fulfilled on a sexual level, you must feel secure on a relationship level. However, once you've gained this trust, you can be quite sizzling in the bedroom. You don't like a complicated sex life, and enjoy being made love to, especially if it's following a romantic interlude of champagne, seafood, and suggestive glances. You have many fantasies and these fuel your imagination and your libido. You can be quite intuitive and can generally sense what your lover wants, which makes any loving encounter into a finely tuned exchange between the sheets. You are also very receptive, and your body language will definitely tell your lover how you are feeling. Once you've found this balance, you pursue your sexuality with abandon and great feeling. Open up and have fun!

Famous People Born Under Cancer:

Meryl Streep
John Quincy Adams
Mel Brooks
Lena Horne
Mike Tyson
Louis Armstrong
Ringo Starr
John Glenn
Ingmar Bergman
Milton Berle
Julius Caesar
James Cagney
Calvin Coolidge
Phyllis Diller
John Glenn
Oscar Hammerstein
Pamela Anderson Lee
Princess Diana
Dan Akroyd
Montel Williams
Tom Cruise
Sly Stallone
Helen Keller
Charles Laughton
Red Skelton
Barbara Stanwyck
Ernest Hemingway
Henry VII


July 12, 2024
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