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Analyzing your Dream - Universal Symbols

Symbols in a dream, are actually the elements that make up the details. Even specific actions are sometimes symbols (such as falling). In the dream above about the hall, the pictures, ceiling, arches, paintings and even the mouse, are all dream symbols.  more...

Dream Interpretation: Numbers in Dreams

The symbolism of numbers is, of course, very ancient and has been codified in many ages and cultures. In general, dream numbers convey ideas, sensations and lines of force in the personality. Here is a brief synthesis of the hidden meaning of numbers as they appear in our dreams.  more...

Colors in Dreams and Their Meaning

Dreams in colour are rarer in comparison to others. The question of colour in dreams has been proved of absorbing interest; and there has been much research into the subject. We often claim to have dreamed in colour but when we are questioned we fail to clearly tell which colours we have dreamed in or what was the colour of a particular object or so.  more...

Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Sleep

Where were you in your dream last night? Before you forget where you've been hanging around in your sleep and forever lose its life-changing meanings, read the following dream interpretation. Next time you find yourself there, you'll know your way around.  more...

A New Conversation About Dreams: Who's Directing Your Life?

While aspects of you encourage, "Go for your dreams," simultaneously other parts threaten, "Don't you dare." A cast of characters lives inside of you and at different times you may receive conflicting or contradictory messages. If you are want to be happy, successful, and fulfilled, consider putting your "dreamer" in the director's chair.  more...

Perchance to Dream: Your Magical World of Dreams

Dreams – they intrigue us. They mystify us. They enchant us. Sometimes they scare us. What do we do with this whole other dimension of our lives? Do we just ignore our dreaming life – or can we use dreams in some way in our lives?  more...

Tips to Help You Recall and Interpret Your Dreams

Dreams have the tremendous power to transform our lives in so many ways. Taking the time to explore and understand our dreams can help us improve relationships, solve difficult problems, diagnose illnesses, inspire creativity, fresh ideas and new inventions, and teach leadership and right conduct. Sometimes, even a single dream can help shape our life purpose.  more...

The Wonderful Gift of Dreams

Dreams have always fascinated me. So, 25 or so years ago, in an effort to learn more about dreams, I embarked on an exploration of sleep and dream research. I worked with dreams more and more over the years, interpreting my dreams and those of others.  more...

Lucid Dreaming: How To Have A Lucid Dream

Maybe pigs cannot fly yet, but you sure can. At least in your dreams. Lucid dreaming is a mysterious art form that many people wish they could master. You may have experienced a lucid dream, in which you were aware you were dreaming.  more...

Helpful Techniques for Inducing Lucid Dreams

Most lucid dreams occur between 5AM and 8 AM, times that are most likely to be longer REM periods. LaBerge’s work at Stanford confirmed this occurrence. The first step is to develop good dream recall. If one cannot remember dreams at all or has difficulty remembering dreams, then lucid dreaming is nearly impossible. Awareness must be developed in the area of dreaming.  more...

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