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Dreams and Meditation

Every single night under the magically decorated stars we all have dreams. Dreams are very important in our lives, earliest recorded dream dates back more than three thousand years. And most of us heard the story of Daniel in the bible from the lands of Egypt. Dreams and meditation have similarity as we are at most relaxed state. So can we dream without sleeping? We all daydream don't we.  more...

4 Amazing Ways to Induce Lucid Dreaming: Dare to Dream!

Most of the time lucid dreaming is achieved when the dreamer is already in the middle of a dream. Learn these simple lucid dreaming techniques and learn how to control your dreams today!  more...

Lucid Dreaming: Lucid Dreaming Techniques You Can Use!

If you can control your dreams, you can go anywhere, do anything, and be anybody. Learn these effective yet powerful lucid dreaming techniques today!  more...

Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis

Lucid dreams of course are dreams that seem very, very more realistic than ordinary dreams, and in which one is consciously aware that they are dreaming. The more experienced one becomes at lucid dreaming, the better they can control it. Experienced lucid dreamers can make their dreams extremely realistic.  more...

Create Lucid Erotic Dreams

The trick to being able to create lucid erotic dreams is to learn how to create lucid dreams. You can worry about the level of erotica after you learn how to enter your dream consciously.  more...

The Hidden Meaning Behind Dreams

When you completely develop your conscience through dream interpretation, you start discovering the hidden meaning of reality that you could not see before because you were too ignorant and based on only one entire and one partial psychological function each. You discover how reality is prepared and how you can transform it according to what will bring you good results.  more...

Using Tarot Reading To Interpret Your Dreams

The dream world full of symbols and imagery has long been a place of mysterious revelations. Many people use Tarot cards to decipher the meanings of their dreams. It is a very basic technique that can enlighten us and provide insight into this mystical realm of our psyche.   more...

How your Dream World Affects your Physical World

Discover how your dream state affects your physical world and how you can program your dreams to cure your mind and body.  more...

How to Recall your Dreams

Recall your dreams have inspired great art, solved major problems, and helped people coped with major life stresses. Therefore, it is worthwhile to give it a try.  more...

No, not That High School Dream Again!

Most of us have had anxiety dreams--often recurring ones--about going back to school. Although these dreams are such a regular feature of our dreamscapes, we often dismiss or laugh at them instead of looking for their deeper meaning. In this article, I suggest that, through school anxiety dreams, our unconscious minds are trying to show us that, no matter how stressful or difficult the situations we get into, we have the strength to survive and keep loving ourselves.  more...

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