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Manifest Your Dreams With a Dream Map

Setting goals, determining measurable milestones, and taking consistent action are great ways to move forward toward what you want in life. I'd like to share with you a fun activity I often use with clients and workshop participants that can jump-start the process. It's a collage-making activity, and the end product is called a dream map, treasure map, or dream board.  more...

The Art of Remembering and Interpreting your Dreams

Leading Intuition expert and bestselling author Judith Orloff, M.D. tells you how to tap into the power of your dreams.  more...

Why you Should Use the Power of your Dreams

You will achieve all of your life ambitions if you set clearly defined goals and formulate a plan to achieve them. In this article you can learn how using the power of your dreams can ensure that you have a highly effective strategy to follow.  more...

A guide to dream interpretation

Only a very small percentage of us understands that dreams hold much importance and opportunity for our self growth, improvement and self discovery. This article is a guide to dream interpretation.  more...

You Can Learn What Causes Dreams - Why Do People Dream

Learning what causes dreams can be directly related to what is happening in our minds when we are asleep. In many cases people who are having many dreams have things in there lives that are causing them to dream and in many cases the answer is to resolve the issue that the person has. It is possible that we have suppressed the issue and it is coming out in our dreams. Some times the dreams we have are related to the issue and sometimes we have dreams that seem to be crazy or do not make a lot of sense.  more...

Find a Dream Interpretation - Find the Meaning Behind Dreams

Learning what your Dreams mean through Dream Interpretation can be a great way to find out what is going on in your subconscious mind. Many times your dreams are about any conflict that you are having in your life. There may be a relationship that you are having trouble with and this dream is giving you an outlet to work it out in your mind. Many people find that there dreams are closely related to issues that they have in the past as well that have not been resolved.  more...

Using Green Tea for Lucid Dreams

One of the more interesting experience is that a person can have is to experience lucid dreams. Although these may come in several different forms, the basic idea behind them is the fact that you will be able to remember the dream and actually realize that you are in a dream state while you are still asleep.  more...

How to Interpret My Dreams?

To interpret your dreams it is important to learn what the meaning of those dreams are and how they affect your life and the way you live. The act of dreaming itself can be dated back to ancient times were they thought that dreaming was considered the supernatural communication, divine intervention, their message could be unraveled by those people with certain powers. Today most information you find about Dream Interpretation is usually found in a psychology book...  more...

I Love My Dreams!

Having good dreams is easy if you concentrate on visions of fishing, sand and surf and cool drinks with little umbrellas in them while you're awake!  more...

The Inner Dreams Numbers in Numerology

In numerology, an Inner Dream number is calculated using the consonants of the full birth name. The number reveals what the secret dreams or fantasies are of the person in question.  more...

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