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The Difference Between A Tarot Card Reader - Fortuneteller - And A Diviner

The tarot card reader, fortuneteller, and diviner, they all cause our minds to have different conceptions of. Can all of these different types offer you real advice about your life? Can they all give you the real information that you need for your life? And are they not all the same thing?  more...

How To Read Tarot Cards: Do You Need Psychic Abilities?

Tarot cards are an extremely popular mystical oracle. It is one of the few oracles that most people feel comfortable to attempt on their own. But do you really need to possess psychic powers to do a good tarot reading?  more...

The Death Tarot Card: What Does the Skeleton on Horseback Means?

Most people would inherently shudder at the sight of the Death tarot card, but they have likely entirely misinterpreted its meaning! In divination, Death rarely means a physical death of the flesh, but instead it simply means a change. Learn the meaning of the Death Tarot Card today!  more...

Tarot Card Meanings: How To Interpret A Single Card In Tarot Reading

Are the individual meanings of each Tarot card important in a tarot card reading? Learn why seeing the whole picture is worth much more than any single card interpretation and how you can go about doing a good tarot cards reading.  more...

Reading Tarot Cards: The Lovers Tarot Card May Just Hold Your Relationship Secrets!

Just by its name, you would think that the Lovers card in a Tarot deck would signify romance, love and marriage. Good guess. The Lovers card has a lot to do with relationships, sexuality, personal beliefs, and values. Learn how you can interpret this tarot card in your tarot reading today.  more...

Reading Tarot Cards: What If You Could Change The Future?

Who does not have a situation occur that they wished they could change? Every once in awhile, something in life hits you, and you cannot help but think - I wish I could go back in time and change what just happened.  more...

Does Reading Tarot Cards Cause People To Get Into The Occult?

The use of tarot cards has been going on for hundreds of years. Tarot cards fringe on a subject called the new age, and mysticism. This brings up an important topic, as we have seen that in drug use, there is a case for such a view, but does it apply to tarot?  more...

Learning Virtues Through Tarot Cards Reading

Strength is one of four virtues, although prudence is missing in most tarot decks, while strength, temperance and justice all have managed to find their place within the average tarot deck. Learn how you can interpret meanings of the Strength Tarot Card in your readings today.  more...

Three Tarot Cards Interpreted: the Emperor, Star, and Lovers

For centuries, tarot cards have been a steadfast and effective tool for divination. Learn what the Emperor, Star, and Lovers Tarot Card really mean, as this article interprets three of the 22 Major Arcana.  more...

The Mystery of Tarot Cards

Since ancient times, many people have utilized the Tarot for divination, fortune telling, and metaphysical applications of all sorts. The practitioners of the mystical have used the Tarot as a metaphysical toolbox with various uses...  more...

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