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The Last Five Tarot Cards of the Major Arcana Explained

Author: Victor Epand

The last five cards in the major arcana are some of the most significant cards in the deck. They demonstrate the last parts a humans life.

The Star can act as your guiding beacon, leading you forward down the often dimly lit path towards enlightenment. This card in a tarot reading symbolizes that there is help out there when you need it, up there in the sky and oftentimes deep within yourself where you haven't looked yet. Faith and power define this card and it carries a very positive connotation. Trust that you will find the way out of troubled times and into the light. It is a time of belief and miracles.

The Moon is a vessel of many illusions. Nighttime makes the safe objects of daylight seem dangerous and untrustworthy. The "light" of the moon is actually just the reflected sunlight. Appropriately, this tarot card represents the illusions and deceptions that many of us fall victim to. Things are not always as they seem to be and the presence of this card in a tarot reading indicates that there is some truth that you are overlooking. Now is a time when you will have to travel that path without outside light or help, relying instead on inner strength and the glow you can generate from within. It can be hard to find your way down a path in the dark when there are so many twists, turns and obstacles to be dealt with. This is a time to rely on your instincts to guide you.

When you make it through the darkness of the Moon, the Sun will be waiting with its clarity and light. You are strong, wise and balanced under this card's influence. Celebration, warmth and peace are aspects of the Sun. Any areas of darkness that might remain inside of you will be exposed for you to deal with easily and drop them. It is time to harness the power that has been offered to you.

Judgment is a card of transformation but not in the potentially destructive ways that Death or the Tower can usher in. This is a rebirth of the spirit not by death of aspects but by the unification of them. The conscious and unconscious mind can connect together with your inner child to form one new, solid being. This is a beginning, a portent of positive change heading your way. Any aspects that have been unclean can now be cleansed. Do not regret what hasn't been done in the past now. Look to the future with optimism and faith that a new beginning can mean a new life.

The World is the last card in the Major Arcana. It is the final step of all of the effort that has been put in- the end of the cycle. It is the period of enlightenment and rest where the soul waits between worlds. You have learned every lesson and completed every task. After you have reached this summit, you can return to the world infused with the Divine. A new phase is about to begin but it will be so different that it may as well be a new life completely. How do you reach that new life? By walking to the edge of the cliff and positioning you as The Fool again.

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March 4, 2021
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