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Coastal Spirit Chasers
Paranormal investigation team based out of Myrtle Beach, SC.

Introduction to Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing Training, Develop you Psychic Powers, Courses, CRV Manual, Increase telepathy, Learn to access Theta and highten your intuition.

Baxter King's "Creepy"
Baxter King is a Chicago/Indianapolis based Paranormal Problem Solver and an all around swell guy. He works with a small cadre of paranormal investigators to find the things that go bump in the night. He also provides your eyeballs with the best bizarre and paranormal stories you'll read all day.

Unexplained Mysteries :: Real Ghosts
Looking for real ghosts videos and photos? Here is a collection of popular ghost pictures and ghost videos. You can also share your own photos, videos and comments. Join the Unexplained Mysteries :: Real Ghosts forum!

Madam Mysterious
Peace, Prosperity, Health and Happiness. Annual worldwide prediction and specific readings for singles, couples, and groups.

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September 28, 2023
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