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Furry Feng Shui

When designing an animal-friendly home, Feng Shui principles can create an environment that benefits you and your pet. Using Feng Shui's principles and elements in your animal-friendly design can empower the spirit and environment not only for you, but also for your furry companion.  more...

Let Easy Feng Shui Tips Change the Way you Live

One such easy method to bring about positive changes is through the careful use of Feng Shui tips. This ancient Chinese practice balances the Yin (female) and the Yang (male) energies as well as the various elements and their influence in our lives.  more...

Rise in Love Through Feng Shui Love

Love is a feeling that everyone wants fall in for as it makes person a better human being. Moreover, it gives a feeling of belongingness and security. However, there are people who have been waiting for love since a long time but failed in getting it due to some reasons.  more...

How to be a Feng Shui Consultant

In order to become a feng shui consultant a person must be very perseverant. This chinese philosophy is a complicated tasks to master, but if one is truly dedicated to this philosophy, becoming a master of this philosophy is very possible.   more...

Importance of Date Selection in Feng Shui

How important is date selection in Feng Shui? Date selection is in fact one of the most important factor in Feng Shui. Often, date selection can be considered s a single subject when you learn or study Feng Shui. Without a good date selected for the execution of Feng Shui, your Feng Shui setup might seems to have no effect at all, or worst of all, bad effects.  more...

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