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Can Tarot Cards Really Tell the Future? the Subconscious Says They Can

Author: M. David Huxley

Can TAROT cards tell the future? In my experience, the surprising answer is that to a significant degree they can. At the very least they are perceived to . . . and for the sake of picking up women and making new friends that is quite good enough.

Humans learn by association. A child sees a fire, touches it, gets burned and he makes an association between fire and getting burned. Humans learn what a King is by understanding the role of a father, and perhaps understand what a Goddess is by knowing what Mothers do.

TAROT cards are a deck of associations. The MAGICIAN is the guy that dazzles us with clever tricks, or ourselves when we are at the top of our game. DEATH is the horror that drags us to funerals and that which puts an end to things like marriages and business partnerships.

Associations can be made between cards and the unique features of a person's life. The STAR card can represent their new hope or inspiration. The DEVIL card can represent the earthly temptations that draw them away from their obligations.

TAROT cards work because the reader, you, and the interrogator, the person you are reading for, work together to make them work.

You both interpret the cards, mapping each card to the elements of their everyday life. The randomness of the cards insures you always find the new insights and the new associations you are looking for.

Furthermore, the way TAROT cards fall is not all that random. The more the interrogator handles the card, the more his unconscious mind orders them. If you read cards three times for the same person over the course of an evening you will find they tend to get the same or very similar cards. Even if you read for others between each of those readings. This is because it is the subconscious that shuffles, cuts and selects the cards. The subconscious mind handles most physical operations. That's why you can talk while you drive.

You will be surprised at just how much TAROT cards reveal of human hearts, human minds, human tragedies and human dreams. Reading TAROT is a great way to learn more about the subconcious and how people weave their fates.

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M. David Huxley has been reading Tarot cards and using NLP and Hypnosis for decades. You can find his most recent book "How to Pick Up Women With Tarot Cards" at

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September 26, 2020
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