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The Base Cards For The Tarot Suit of Wands

Author: Victor Epand

Wands is the suit in the Minor Arcane of a Tarot deck that corresponds to the element of fire. The reoccurring themes in the cards of this suit are passion, creativity, action and movement. Rejuvenation and the passing of tests come with the fire in the element. The base cards (those numbered from Ace to ten) clarify situations and offer advice on what actions to take.

The Ace of every Tarot suit is representative of the main ideas that permeate all of the cards within that grouping. The Ace of Wands has a great deal of energy behind it and usually signifies a new beginning. The surrounding cards in the reading will have to help determine what kind of change you should be looking for. The vitality of this card has healing properties and brings enthusiasm and stamina to any undertaking. The downside to all of this "get up and go" spirit is that it can be reckless and stubborn.

The Two of Wands relates to personal choice, free will and the consequences of these things. This Tarot card puts you as the master of your own destiny, with things occurring as planned. There is inner and outer harmony at work here. Any confusion or uncertainty should be cleared away in favor of order and planning.

Self truth is behind the Three of Wands. Its appearance in a Tarot reading shows that there is an internal balance in regards to aspirations, needs, talents and virtues. Doubt, fear and old habits should be abolished to allow the personal power of this card to take hold.

The Four of Wands is represented by a completed circle. There is balance and fulfillment of aspects of life (such as dreams or ideas) that had been up in the air. Wrongs will be set right with this card. Resolution is also a key step in starting anew and the Four can symbolize the chance to start fresh.

Negative energy infuses the Five of Wands. Conflict, disharmony and bitterness come with this card in a Tarot reading. The severity of the strife has to be determined by accompanying cards and can be minor or life altering. Immorality and inner conflict can bring up the Five. Peace won't be found until whatever it is that summoned this card is dealt with.

All of that conflict leads straight in to the Six of Wands, which still holds on to some of that fight but allows for a victory. Think of the Six as passing through the fire and coming out stronger for it on the other side. Pride often accompanies the well earned victory. But understand that this card doesn't come without struggle preceding it.

The Seven of Wands put down in a Tarot reading still presents challenges, but equips the fighter with enough courage, ambition and desire to make it through the heartiest obstacle. It is a time to ignore caution and plow straight to the other side. The battle might be ethical (Wands are big on ethics) or situational. Fear is acceptable but must be ignored and overcome.

The Eight of Wands clears the sky of clouds and allows for clarity in communication. The obstacles of the preceding cards have been cleared off the battlefield. Any confusion or misunderstandings that gathered by the road can be dealt with now with ease. A fresh sense of openness makes success at new paths likely. Old wounds can be healed and wrongs can be righted but be careful that the power of this energy doesn't become too much to handle.

The Nine of Wands gathers strength from a fearless and accepting heart and the depths of subconscious wisdom that is now ready to be tapped. Self confidence- and trust- accompany this card in a Tarot reading. It symbolizes vast inner strength that can carry you through the darkest times without a doubt.

There is a blockage associated with the Lord of Oppression. Something that is desperately wanted or needed is being withheld. Long term effects of this deprivation can include frustration and a feeling of confinement. There can be a loss of faith. If this card continually comes up, it may be a sign that whatever is being denied isn't meant to be had. Short term appearances of the card often only mean that now is a time for patience.

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