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Does Online Tarot Card Reading Really Work?

Author: Koz Huseyin

Tarot card readers, diviners, and people seeking the aid of a tarot reading often will ask if online tarot cards can provide authentic readings. It is a subject which has had advocates and those who say it just doesn't work. As a diviner of many years, in this article, I will give some insight.

The tarot card set has been a tool of choice for diviners to peer into the past, present, and future of life. They have been used over the centuries to help guide people on there journey through life, to learn about obstacles, opportunities, and just out of curiosity.

The tarot cards have believers and non believers, just like most of the other metaphysical subjects or phenomena. Roll round today, and we have the internet. It was only time before people would have created an online version of this promising divination method.

All across the internet tarot card readings can be found. Some of these services are free for all, while others charge a premium for each reading.

The question is do they work? If we take a look at the true essence of divining, we take those cards and shuffle them with a clear mind. We shuffle and out of infinite possibilities, the right cards come up, like magic!

The key here is randomness. Basically when we can make anything have a random possibility, we can find the answers we need. The computer being a super calculator is one which can do a great job with giving us calculations; however they are not so good at randomness. Whereas with a human, you can say give me a random number, and you will get one within limits, the computer needs a calculation.

Computers will only work with input. You can't just get a computer and say calculate. This would mean the computer has a mind of its own! Don't date that person, it may say! However, computers are still part of the universe, and have the same resources as everything else. So, getting a computer to find randomness can pretty much do a good job.

Even humans are not so random. If I ask you to give me a random number, you likely random number comes from the input you received during the day, your lucky number, etc. The question really boils down to how random can a computer be?

On the online tarot reading sites you generally are presented with a box to type your question, perhaps add your name, and a button to click. With your intention to know an answer to a question, you click and get an answer through randomness.

If you are skeptical about the tarot cards ability to render you accurate information, then the randomness factor may make you think that tarot does not work. However, like a plant without being able to move receives all the food and water it needs, and like lovers separated for a while have faith that they will meet again, this is how tarot works. Your needs are presented.

Again this is my take on traditional tarot verses online tarot readings. Your views may differ, and the truth may differ, though for many this is interpretations of an unknown. Who really knows whether tarot works or it doesn't or if online tarot reading render accurate information or not. The end result and thoughts of this subject boils down to faith.

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September 26, 2020
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