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The Virtual Tarot Cards Reading

Author: Daniel Millions

The virtual tarot cards reading has come alive in the age of the Internet. These modern psychic readings seem to work just fine according to readers and their questioners. Unlike other occult arts, which have not all benefited from modern technology, many psychics are finding that they can connect with their computer in much the same metaphysical way that happens with their Tarot cards.

Laying The Cards Down

For many tarot card psychics, a subtle signal is received when the time is right to lay the tarot cards down. It could be a tingle in the hands or a strong feeling that the tarot cards should be laid in their formation. For computerized tarot card readers, they are finding that with the right intent and concentration, tarot card software is capable of delivering amazingly accurate tarot readings.

Psychic Connection With The Computer

Some tarot psychics say that they can feel a subtle connection with their keyboard while using the keyboard during psychic readings. The ability to use different forms of an occult tool is similar to what some divination practitioners experience with the art of scrying. Scryers use liquid or flattened surfaces to activate their clairvoyant abilities.

Even A Virtual Tool Is Better Than Nothing

With practice, some scryers are able to divine from puddles or whatever surface is handy. In the same way, tarot card readers are adapting their tarot card skills that they use with the tarot cards to the computer and keyboard. It seems to be that as long as the tarot card reader can connect with their tool of choice that accurate readings are possible even with computers.

The tarot psychic may use a software program that the psychic has downloaded to their computer. Other tarot psychics may use an online tarot software tool that the psychic accesses from their web browser. A tarot psychic will choose the software that uses the tarot cards that the tarot reader prefers to use. A tarot psychic may use different programs for more tarot card options.

When a tarot psychic uses the computer for tarot card readings, the results can be sent to the questioner through the phone, email, instant messages, text and snail mail. The computer adds a level of convenience for both the tarot psychic and the questioner. They can use the computer and the Internet to replace a more cumbersome face-to-face visit.

No Distractions Enhances Mental And Psychic Abilities

There are virtual tarot card readers who claim that when they are not distracted by the questioner's body language or close presence, they are able to draw more information from the virtual tarot cards. In this way, the tarot reader may be able to give objective information because the tarot card reader is not influenced by the questioner. This allows the psychic to answer questions truthfully without being influenced to soften or temper what the cards say according to what the client may want to hear.

Whether it is through a computer program or actual tarot cards, good tarot card readers have a skill for reading and interpreting tarot cards. Tarot card readers are able to channel their psychic abilities through clear intention and the desire to help the questioner. Just as other workers have favorites among the tools that they use, so do tarot card readers make a choice from the virtual and hard copy tarot deck options that are available to them.

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September 27, 2023
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