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Can Psychics Learn To Fall In Love?

by Charlie Reese

In order to find the spirituality of your life, you must always put Jesus first. When you put our Lord first, everything else seems to follow along after it. Loving Jesus takes time because you have to meditate and ask Jesus to come into your life daily. Our Lord is a supreme being over us and He truly wants us to learn our life's daily lessons. We all have to have experiences from our past mistakes and pray that God will let us learn from them.

Eternal peace is something that happens to most of us at least once in our lives. Once you have it, you always want to have it. When you loose it, a part of you will feel devastated and like you are hungering for something that you cannot physically touch. Spiritual love is something that goes deep inside our souls and its something that makes us feel connected to another person. You never have to fear love since its something that you can have forever.

The best way to find psychic love is to not look around for it. Psychic love will often come to you when you least suspect and sometimes you can find it at work or at some social atmosphere. Sometimes you have to be open to what the angels are saying to you. Sometimes they want you to be with someone that you may feel is not on the same level as you are or not of the same background as you are. The Lord seems to know what's best for us and at times, He will do things that make you say, "hah?" Our Lord is very mysterious at times and we cannot understand everything that he is saying to us all of the time. We must try to be open to that which is inside of our hearts. You have to feel and be certain of the things that we want before we ask for them. There is not question that the Lord will give these things to you. The question here is, will we be ready for God's promises and what God wants for your life? The true key here is to just allow Jesus to show you the person that He would like for you to be involved with. Listening to Jesus Christ is the best alternative when it comes to love.

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July 12, 2024
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