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How To Become A Psychic

by Charlie Reese

When I was a little guy, I gave my life to our savior Jesus Christ. He is my personal Lord and savior. When it came time for me to choose a job, I always knew in my heart that I would be working in the church. I had no idea to what degree I would be working in it, but before long, Jesus made it very clear to me that I should be working in the ministry full time. I always had the gift for seeing into the future and shockingly I began giving small psychic prophetic readings at the churches in which I attended. I would often watch visiting psychic prophets who would predict future events. They would get up in front of the church congregation and say, "God bless all of you. I have a word from the Holy Spirit today." I felt like I had the same exact gift. Parishoners would often come to me and say, "Piperno, can you please pray for me and tell me what you see for me in my life." Shockingly, I would get prophetic words for them that I could not understand. I knew that this was coming from the Lord since I read the scriptures every day and only prayed to Jesus. My prophetic words seemed to help people. I felt a sense of relief that my words were really touching people that I never knew I would be touching.

I began to ask Jesus what his will for me was money wise and job wise. He clearly told me to go into the prophetic ministry. I had no idea on how I would be able to start a psychic prophetic ministry. All that I knew was that I had a burning desire within me to help people and to clearly give my prophetic gift to those that were in need. In Christian circles, it's a big no no to work on a psychic hotline or even to be associated with psychic readers. I realized that the church would not accept me anymore because I was associating in psychic prophetic circles. I truly wanted to explore my gift more in detail.

When I first became a psychic expert, I had never read a clairvoyant psychic book and my background was clearly all Christian. I slowly began to realize that my Christian prophetic circle of friends was diminishing. Nobody had a problem with me using my psychic gifts, but they sure did have a problem with me working on the psychic hotline. I clearly was doing something against our churches teaching. However, I had to allow the Lord to take charge of my life and to use me in such a way that I could be able to help people from all walks of life and to educate myself more in the psychic and prophetic realm.

As time went on, I began to use my psychic gift on volunteer websites around the world. I used my prophetic insights to talk to people about their life's concerns and issues. Little did I realize that God was training me to be a full time psychic/prophet. I never could have found my calling if I would have stayed in traditional church teachings. My life was not meant to be traditional and I realized that God was clearly trying to do something new with me.

Lately I realize in my life that Jesus can use anyone in any sort of field. It doesn't matter if you are a born again Christian or not, Jesus is in full power and what we see today, may not necessearly be the Lord's plan. We have to let God take charge of us and our ministries in order to feel more powerful and together. We have to allow Jesus Christ to take charge of our lives and then we will at last find our inner peace.

As I began to use my psychic prophetic gift professionally, Jesus began to introduce me to clairvoyant people that called themselves psychics in their day. Great psychic like Edgar Cayce and Nostradomus both came from Christian backgrounds. I began to realize that I had a similar psychic gift that Edgar Cayce did. I was shocked to read that he conducted his psychic readings in a comma like state. I also conduct my psychic readings in a coma like state and I can literally give someone a psychic reading for an entire hour straight without them even having to say a word. As a matter of fact, the less questions that a person asks me and the less I know about them, the more I am able to pick up about them. My prophetic reading style has been tested and many people have had shocking results from my trance like psychic readings.

I have come to realize that titles and names don't matter much to the Lord. It's about the prophetic work that you are actually doing that matters a great deal to him. Jesus doesn't care if I call myself a prophet or a psychic. What matters to him is that I'm doing his work and spreading his love and peace. I am convinced that the Lord lead me to do what I am doing presently and I truly am happy that I am doing it everyday of my life. There is nothing better than waking up everyday knowing that through your psychic senses you are going to be helping someone . The best way that I can serve humanity is to offer them my psychic insights. My prophetic training took me nearly 20 years and I am still learning everyday of my existense. I encourage other prophetic ministers to step out and use their gifts on the psychic hotline. Always pray and ask God for direction first, but there is nothing wrong with giving a psychic reading to someone that needs answers. May God be with you.

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