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Feng Shui for Fame and Recognition

Author: Ascisco Pecunia

Feng Shui can be used to attract fame and recognition in your life. Fame and recognition is not just for celebrities and people in the entertainment industry. Most of us need a certain level of fame and recognition to achieve success in our lives. If you work in an office, you would need some recognition and acknowledgement from your bosses to be promoted. If you were a writer you will need a certain amount of fame and recognition for your work to be sold. As we can see, we can all benefit from having some fame and recognition in our lives. Here are some fabulous feng shui tips on how to attract more fame and recognition into our lives.

The South represents fame and recognition. To attract more fame, what you will need to do is to activate the southern direction of your room, home, and your office. In feng shui, the South is dominated by the Fire element. Activate the fire element by having lots of lights in the south sector of a space. Having a fireplace or a bright lamp in the south is extremely auspicious.

For those who are aware of the cycles of the five elements in feng shui, you would know that the element of wood produces fire. Having lots of wood elements in the south will strengthen the fire element that will in turn bring you more fame and recognition.

The auspicious colors to create good feng shui in the south are all shades of red and green. One must be careful not to use the color black, blue or anything that represents the water element in the south. This is because the element of water clashes with fire. Having too much of the water element in the south is extremely bad feng shui.

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July 4, 2022
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