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4 Great Feng Shui Taboos

Author: Robert

Feng shui principles has become so mainstream today that we are constantly bombarded with a huge variety of feng shui tips. From feng shui clichés like clearing clutter, to more advanced formulas like Kua numbers or the Flying Star Chart, it is useful to know that there are some feng shui principles that are more important than others. Here is a list of the greatest feng shui taboos that you must avoid.

1. Most of our homes are located on the side of roads (parallel to the flow of traffic). But every once in a while, we find homes that are located directly facing a junction. This is by far one of the biggest feng shui taboos of all time, especially if your main door directly faces the junction. The flow of traffic on the roads creates a huge amount of Chi and it is inauspicious to directly confront the energy flow. A house that is constantly in confrontation with the road’s energy flow is susceptible to bad luck and misfortune because the house will be overwhelmed by excessive shar chi (killing energy). There are case studies in architecture classes showing that families staying in such homes are constantly faced with tragedies, bad luck, and sometimes, even death! If you stay in such a home, it is best to move out as soon as you can. If moving out is not an option, consult an experienced feng shui practitioner for some potent remedies.

2. Another great feng shui taboo is to be in affliction with the Misfortune Star. In Flying Star feng shui, the auspicious and inauspicious directions of a home changes every year. The Flying Star Chart for 2008 dictates that the inauspicious directions of your home for 2008 are: South, Southwest, West, and Northwest. The most inauspicious of all these stars is the fearsome 5 Yellow Star or Misfortune Star, which resides in the South for 2008. For this year, try to keep the South sector of your home as quiet as possible. Keep the utility of this area to the minimum. Do not carry out any renovations or shifting of large furniture in the South for 2008

3. In your bedroom, the bed should never be positioned in a place where your feet are pointed towards the door while you sleep. In traditional Chinese funerals, the deceased will be laid down in such a manner facing the main door, as a way of ‘sending’ the soul away, out of the door into the other realm. This is known as the ‘Coffin Position’ and is considered terribly unlucky.

4. The last feng shui taboo is for those who live alone or live with small families. It is important that we live in homes that are proportionate to the number of inhabitants. If you live alone, it is not advisable to stay in a great big mansion or large home. A big home has more rooms and spaces that one person can use. Most of the time, many parts of the home are left empty and unused for weeks, if not months at a time. Parts of the homes that are not frequently used will quickly start accumulating stagnant chi (dead chi). Over time, the home will be overly Yin (passive) in energy and this will in turn cause a reversal of fortunes for its inhabitants. If you live in a big home by yourself, invite some of your friends and family to come live with you to create more Yang (active) energy for the home. Frequently have parties and celebrations in your big home to renew and flush out stale chi.

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July 4, 2022
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