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Feng Shui Develops to Neo Feng Shui

Author: IC

The fundamental purpose of Feng Shui as well as its variations which include Neo Feng Shui, is to create complete harmony between the surroundings and the people who interact with it, this basic harmony coordinates elemental forces to work for us instead of posing resistance or working against us.

Feng Shui is an ancient science, which has been studied by Chinese people for many centuries. They have observed the way that the energy which interacts with nature and our surroundings ultimately end up affecting us positively or negatively, this is also part of the great studies about Ying-Yang. Chinese people also studied the compass and directions according to living areas and the five elements which affect them (fire, earth, metal, water and wood)

The living areas mentioned above were divided into force fields which are shown in the Bagua-map. According to Feng Shui principles Chinese researchers and masters used many symbols and objects when they built and decorated a living area. Since this great way of living became highly popular several trends started to emerge among the principal divisions of Feng Shui we have the eastern school and western division.

The eastern school which is also called the classic/traditional Feng Shui, portrays remedies which are represented by symbols in the Chinese astrology, it also relies on mystic powers, arrangement of the objects in living area, talismans and special animals such as dragons and three legged frogs.

On the other hand, the western school focuses on the way people are affected by their surroundings, the color combinations they use, lights or illumination, materials and shapes.

As previously stated Feng Shui has many interpretations and divisions, one of the most famous among Danish people is called Neo Feng Shui which focuses on specific decorating philosophy. This variation has taken the essence and basic principles from the old wisdom and removed all layers of religious belief, superstition, cultural influence, traditions, etc. resulting in a Feng Shui philosophy best suited to the twenty first century thought model. Understanding Neo Feng Sui provides all the tools necessary to influence your life, well being as well as your personal development in an active way.

By adjusting room objects and understanding their influence on us, it is possible to use the environments in a conscious way, so that we would be supported in our personal development and work in order to achieve the desired outer and inner changes.

It is important to understand that Neo Feng Shui is not about fashion, it is about creating well being, a good environment for development and success in our home or place of business. Through this method all of the solutions and suggestions given in a Konsultation are unique and focused on each case because we all are on different levels of developments and we have different needs and wishes in life.

Neo Feng Shui is not only a name but a registered trademark.

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October 17, 2021

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