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Different Tips and Techniques for Designing of Feng Shui House Plans

Author: Muna wa Wanjiru

In the ancient times, Feng Shui was the science of the study of the relation of the universe and the life of the people. However today this is used in the planning of the house and the decoration of the house. The Feng Shui contains different tips and techniques for the designing the house and make use of the different energies, that originate from the materials and the other factors related to the house. Your cozy dwellings will emit a distinct aura if you use design it using feng shui house plans.

The Feng Shui can help during the designing or in the making the house plans, or it can also be useful during decorating the interiors of the house.

The various professionals who provide the advice for making the Feng Shui house plans are available these days. Consulting them is becoming a common practice in most of the countries. In addition to using the Feng Shui house plans, people also prefer Feng Shui for the decoration of the house with different things, which can affect the life of the people, according to it. The Feng Shui plans provides us double the advantage of decorating the house and the aesthetical advantages. Therefore, it is always better to consult these experts in addition to the regular architects.

The Feng Shui house plans are the plans, which are made taking in to account the aspects of the Feng Shui. There are various tips and principles, which the Feng Shui provides for the house planning. These may be for the selection of the plot of the house or they may be those about the design of the house.

In the house, the washrooms and bathrooms should not be in such a place so that they are visible from the outside, the living room, or the dinning room, etc. Also, remember that never make a toilet above recreational rooms if the house is more than one storied.

The plan of the bedroom should be such that, the place for keeping the bed should be away from the door. The windows of the bedrooms should not allow the bed to be viewed form outside especially when the people from the house are sleeping on it.

The Feng Shui home plan ideally does not permit the dinning room be visible to the passers by.
One very important point that the Feng Shui house plans should feature is that there should be no beams, which loom from the ceiling. A ceiling without any protrusions i.e. flat is shape is the best of the types. All the rooms should be properly shaped, they should not be bent, i.e. is having turns within the room itself.

The Feng Shui house plans do not permit the staircases to, directly lead to the door. This is because they may take the luck out the house straightaway. Similarly, they should not lead to the toilet or the washing room. This too, can flush or wash away good fortune from the house.

Two or more doors should not face each other. According to the Feng Shui, there should never be any sharp protrusion, the edges of the walls in the house. Everywhere the rounded edges should always be preferred to the shapers ones.

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October 17, 2021

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