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Feng Shui Colors - Bring Serenity to Your Home

Author: Ron King

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, has been practiced by Chinese peoples for thousands of years, and now captures the minds of people from all corners of the earth. Homes, offices and businesses often apply feng shui colors to help them with the right design to help create health, balance, love and even attract wealthiness into the space or more pleasure in the bedroom! Colors for feng shui are a great way to add a harmonious touch to any decorating project. Here are some tips to help you get going.

How Feng Shui Colors Work

The Feng Shui system arranges the house into 8 regions, and says that putting the correct color elements in the proper place enhances the positive vibes of that area and bestows prosperity, long life and luck to those who live in that home. The effects that the Feng Shui colors have on your home and overall well-being are briefly outlined below:

Blue usually represents calm, meditation and peace; utilize this color in the knowledge area of your home for the maximum effects in your life. Green is related directly with life, longevity and hope. As the trees and gardens stands for life and prosperity, this color also gives the inhabitants of the house harmony and vitality.

Further down on the spectrum is red. Amongst all the colors for feng Shui, this color is the most influential color. The Chinese view Red as a very vibrant color, and in Feng Shui it symbolizes truth. If used well, it is said that it brings luck, power, glory and happiness. This will actually enhance the fame and good reputation of your home if applied correctly.

Like red, purple is affiliated generally with power, and also with the royal lifestyle and attitude. This color has the power to generate your wealth if used correctly, according to the Feng Shui colors guide. Pink, derived from red and white, is used for enhancing relationships and romance.

For children, look at white, one of the most important Feng Shui colors, which will bring you spiritual lucidity and moral purity. Black, on the other hand, is very crucial among the Feng Shui colors while not always thought of as lucky. It is usually balanced with other colors which result in the absorption of the negative energy, or chi, in that area. Used in the correct area, each of these Feng Shui colors has the ability to bring you luck and prosperity. Books are ready to help guide you in using Feng Shui principles. Using this Chinese Feng Shui system is a great way to bring spiritual elements, abundance and balance into your home.

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October 17, 2021

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