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Feng Shui - High Style On A Shoestring

Author: Christopher Byrnes

The ancient art of feng shui teaches you to arrange the contents of a room to provide maximum visual harmony, balance, and beauty. This means that the end result of applying the simple rules and guidelines of feng shui is often comparable to the finished product of months of professional custom interior design work. If you want to give an area a designer look but don't have the resources to hire a professional consultant, or the creative background to start from scratch, let feng shui be your guide. With feng shui, you can make a few simple, affordable changes to an area that will make it look and feel as beautiful and pleasant as possible.

Because feng shui is as much about the placement of objects as it is about what kinds of objects you have, it is easy to give your home a feng shui makeover without investing a lot of money in new furniture or other big ticket items. Feng shui will help you rearrange what you have to create the best possible visual impression, so that your home will look more orderly, more balanced, and more beautiful due to your time and effort rather than due to a major financial investment. With a little bit of resourceful thinking, you can make feng shui work just by re-imagining how you can use the things you already have. The few specific decorative items used in feng shui that you may wish to purchase, like plants, mirrors, and chimes, are very affordable, so even if you do indulge in a bit of shopping to complete your feng shui project, you won't have to empty out the piggy bank to do so.

There are some aesthetic problems that feng shui can't solve, because practical feng shui is primarily about the arrangement of objects and furniture, whereas many design trouble spots in a home are due primarily to the architecture of the space. However, there is almost no interior design flaw that feng shui can't minimize or disguise. For example, if you have a room that feels cramped or stifling because of architectural flaws like a low ceiling or small windows, feng shui can help you create strong visual lines that will make the room feel airier and more comfortable. Feng shui will also teach you practical methods to provide multidirectional light sources in the space, which will help it feel bright without feeling garish. No matter what built in problems the design of your room may have, feng shui can help you compensate for them so that your home will look like it was decorated by top designers.

Feng shui provides affordable, practical solutions to interior design. No matter what the size or shape of the area you are looking to upgrade, feng shui can help you re-invent a space to get an impressive, sophisticated look without spending a lot of cash.

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October 17, 2021

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