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Attract wealth and prosperity into your life with Feng Shui wealth tips

by Amit Bhalla

Our surroundings play a major role in influencing our lives. If we are surrounded by the right elements and attract the positive vibes into our lives, we can make a big difference in terms of the four main aspects of our life – health, wealth, relationships and career. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is over 3000 years old but it is as effective today as it was then. The practice deals with the various ways to balance the chi or energy in our living space. It involves no rigorous rituals and only certain rearrangement of objects is required to bring a suitable harmony in your life. If wealth is major cause for concern in your life right now then the Feng Shui wealth tips can be the perfect solution to attract prosperity in your house.

Feng Shui wealth tips can be personalized foe every individual after calculating his personal kua number on the basis of his date of birth. The kua number helps to point out your success direction which is the sheng chi. If you sleep with your head directed towards the sheng chi you can attract prosperity through success. Some of the common Feng Shui wealth activating objects to enhance and maintain wealth and prosperity are coins and toad. A set of three coins can be tied together with a red ribbon and attached to the register in which you maintain the accounts to energize the wealth factor. The coins can also be kept in your wallet in close contact with the currency. Alternatively you can hang the coins on the door handle of your main entrance towards the inside of the room. This will also help to attract wealth into your home or office.

The Feng shui toad is also a commonly used object to implement the Feng Shui wealth tips. The toad usually comes with a Chinese coin in its mouth and should be placed near the entrance, diagonally facing the room. It symbolizes the toad bringing in wealth luck to your home. Keeping a healthy orange plant also symbolizes luck and prosperity. The more luscious the fruits are the better it will be for Feng Shui purposes. If activating your career is connected with acquiring more wealth then you could also use some tips for that in addition to wealth enhancing tips.

A terrapin turtle kept in the northern direction is very auspicious as a protection as well as a career enhancing factor. The more active the turtle, the better will it be for your career. In place of turtle, you could also opt for goldfish which might look more appealing to you and your family. No matter what Feng Shui wealth advice you follow and implement, it is advisable to always take the opinion and consultation of a Feng Shui expert. The tips should only be implemented under the specific guidance of a Feng Shui practitioner as wrongly implemented Feng Shui could cause you more harm so it is always better to be cautious.

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September 28, 2023
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