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Enrich your life and relationships with Feng Shui love guidance

by Amit Bhalla

Relationships are the strongest support system of our life and we can face every challenge if we have loved ones supporting us. However, most of us fail to realize that even the closest relationships need to be worked upon constantly to keep the bond intact. Little gestures and thoughtful action, kind words and show of appreciation go a long way in strengthening the ties between individuals. Similarly, a little additional help from any direction should be welcomed. The ancient practice of Feng Shui can work wonders for all important aspects of your life like career, health, wealth and of course relationships. Feng Shui love tips, if properly implemented, can strengthen existing relationships and attract new love into your life. However, wrongly implemented tips can also play havoc with your personal relationships, so do not undermine the importance of an expert.

Feng Shui love tips suggest the need to use warm colors in the bedroom. Light pink, light yellow and mauve are good options but avoid something like dark red as it can aggravate the mood and cause fights between couples. Also, placement of Feng shui objects like a pair of mandarin ducks in the bedroom can create harmonious relationship between the couple. Another important Feng Shui love tip is the placement of happy pictures of the family in the living room. This activates the love between family members. However, avoid putting up a photograph of three people in a row in the same picture. Crystals also enhance positive vibes and strong relationships if placed in the right direction. Pink quartz is also very effective in improving close relationships.

You could try placing some red lights or candles in the southwest corner of your room, as it activates the romance luck. The sleeping direction also plays a crucial role in Feng Shui love tips and according to your personal kua number, you could find out the best direction towards which you should place your head while sleeping. Burning fragrant incense sticks and lighting candles encourage the movement of positive energy in your living space. However, Feng Shui love tips can be a double edged sword because the results differ from person to person and are also based on the situation. As for example, peonies are lucky for singles who want to attract love into their lives but may cause infidelity for a person who is already married or in a relationship.

General Feng shui tips that work well for bringing about peace and harmony in relationships are the concept of a clutter free living space. Open the door and windows of a room for atleast 15 minutes every morning. Get rid of unused objects and free up the space for smooth flow of positive energies. You could keep a green, healthy plant in the east to symbolize growth and prosperity. Use Feng Shui sensibly and under the guidance of an expert to get the maximum benefits of this Chinese practice. Once implemented correctly, you will soon start noticing the welcome changes in your life.

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June 18, 2024
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