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A Feng Shui expert can guide you on the right path

by Amit Bhalla

Every aspect of our life consists of dual forces that govern and regulate our day to day existence. For every form of female (Yin) energy there is a complimentary and contradictory male (Yang) force and for everything positive there is some form of negativity counter balancing it. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that works towards balancing these dualities along with the various elements to bring harmony and prosperity in the various aspects of our life like health, wealth, career and personal relationships. Each of the elements like the earth, wind, water and fire, govern various parts of our existence. If water is useful for activating the career luck, then fire is known to control our passions. A Feng Shui expert is well qualified to accurately balance the elements and energies around you and your living space to provide the best guidance in each area of your life.

Each individual has a specific number that guides his life and this is known as the kua number. A Feng Shui expert can accurately calculate your number and accordingly find out the lucky and unlucky directions in respect to the four major aspects of your life. Each direction controls a certain area of your life and in turn, the benefits of this area can be enhanced or diminished through the use of various colors and objects. A Feng Shui expert is the best guide in case you need advice for activating any area of your life, like your career for example. Only an expert will have the necessary knowledge and competence to correctly gauge your problem and effectively solve it through Feng Shui tips and elements.

Feng Shui is a powerful and potent tool that can work wonders for any individual. However, the reverse is also true because the wrong interpretation and implementation of the principles can back fire, causing more harm than good. Each of the elements is a powerful agent by themselves and a wrong combination can cause havoc in your life. Fire, for instance, is the element that rules the passion of an individual, but too much of the fire element in the house and specifically in the bedroom can cause serious fights and misunderstanding between couples. Hence, it is always better to be safe than sorry and get the guidance of a Feng Shui expert as and when required to rectify a problem or enhance the advantages.

A Feng Shui expert uses many kinds of objects and knickknacks in order to bring about peace, harmony and prosperity to an individual's living space. However, not everyone knows the authentic from the copy and many people end up buying the fake Feng Shui items, which cannot serve the desired purpose. Only an expert has the knowledge and competence to judge the original from the fake and give you the desired results through Feng Shui tips. Hence, select an expert with care and soon you will find your life turning around for the better, by properly harnessing the positive impact of the elements and dissipating the negativity.

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September 28, 2023
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