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Resolve your problems in every aspect of life with Feng Shui tips

by Amit Bhalla

Little do we realize the tremendous effect that our surroundings can have on us and the influence that they have on the four major aspects of our life like personal relationships, career, health and wealth. A little re-arrangement of the furniture and objects in our living space can turn around our luck in any of the above mentioned aspects if we so desire. Feng Shui is the 3000 years old ancient Chinese practice of balancing the energies of the elements of earth, water, wind, fire and metal to achieve peace and harmony is every area of our life. The Feng Shui tips, implemented under the guidance of an expert can bring about beneficial changes in whichever area of our life that we require. For instance, if it is your relationship that needs attention, the tips could be specifically tailored to address that area and similarly they can be tailor made to resolve any issue in any aspect of your life.

Some general Feng Shui tips that are effective in activating the positive energies in your surrounding and encourage the smooth flow of Chi (energy) can be applied universally. It is advised that keeping your doors and windows open in every room for atleast fifteen minutes every day can fill the room with light and air and activate the dormant positive energies of the room. Also, keeping your home or office in a clean and clutter free manner will attract much positive energy and is an essential part of implementing Feng Shui tips. If you are not a tidy person by nature keeping a crystal ball in a particular area that needs cleaning will automatically stimulate you to clean up that specific area and within days you can see the results. Once the objective has been achieved you can remove the ball to another area.

Feng Shui tips strongly advice against storing broken or damaged objects in your house and throw away anything that has not been used for more than two years. Any cracked mirror should be immediately replaced as it signifies bad luck. The corners of your house or office can be activated through the use of indoor green plants that look fresh and are kept healthy. If a particular room is missing an important corner or direction, the drawback can be overcome by placing mirrors to artificially create that corner. This is a very effective tool in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui tips suggest that the corners are more effective for placing any object that is supposed to act as a cure for any situation. Objects like rose quartz and crystals are powerful Feng shui cures and are especially effective in handling relationship issues. Also, wind chimes are a pleasant way to activate a particular form of luck or deflect negative energy from a specific area. Consult an authentic Feng Shui expert and get the right guidance to improve the quality of your life and each aspect through effective Feng Shui tips and tricks offering necessary counsel to every individual.

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June 18, 2024
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