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Mirror Gazing - Scrying

Author: Terry Schon

Traditions of 'Mirror Gazing' go back as far as mirrors themselves, and even beyond. Prehistoric man had a psychic nature. Sensitive's of the time would have found themselves gazing into pools of water, unknowingly viewing through a window into spiritual realms. Using this method early man may well have seen departed loved ones and gained insights into how he could increase his chances of survival in the difficult environment he lived in.

Later traditions refer to various forms of mirror gazing 'also known as scrying' the ancient Greek were ardent mirror gazers. Historical evidence suggests that they used 'cauldrons' or any vessel large or small into which liquid was poured and then used for the purpose of divination.

Eastern Traditions used polished metal to obtain their visions. In the story of Aladdin and his lamp, it was when the lamp was polished that the genie appeared!

As with the story of Aladdin' this timeless and widespread practice of mirror gazing even finds it's way into folklore tradition. In the tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs we have the wicked Queen and her famous line “Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest off them all?” Which needs little explaining in the context of mirror gazing.

In modern times there is much anecdotal evidence of people from all walks of life using mirror gazing. Abraham Lincoln is reported to have 'seen in the mirror' that he would win a second term of office as President of the USA.

Sometimes mirror gazing experiences are quite spontaneous, occurring without any warning, preparation or training.

My own first experience of mirror gazing happened quite by accident. I was using the mirror in order to try and develop my ability to see the human aura. Having no volunteers to practice with my only option was to practice on myself using the mirror. My studies were going well, I was beginning to see my aura. I was seeing colours, rays and form in my aura. It was about the forth session that something weird happened, while I was studying my aura. All of a sudden someone different was looking back at me! Not just a little different but very different! My gene stock is European but the guy suddenly staring back at me was clearly of Eastern origin, my immediate guess was that he was Tibetan. The image was crystal clear and replaced my image completely; and then as quickly as he appeared he then disappeared. But then someone else appeared! And then another! And another! Having studied Spiritualism for some years I realised that these were most likely to be my spirit Guides. Which was really great for me because this was the first time I'd really seen any of them.

My Spirit guides were using the mirror to enhance my clairvoyance and come a little closer to me. I've been mirror gazing for over a year now, generally I see the same faces, occasionally a new one comes along. When my faces come they are absolutely still and expressionless. I once asked them to try and give me a smile just to show they are real, and to try and initiate a form of communication, after several sessions I got my smile, although such an event is rare. On occasions I begin to receive thought communication in connection with a mirror personality, so I am convinced they are real.

When my faces appear I have to struggle to hold the image. It feels as though I'm making a psychic link but it's difficult to hang on to, a few seconds is all I can manage and then a new face pops in. It's as though the psychic links are layered, when one drops off a new one appears

Psychological state and mood can influence the results of mirror gazing. On one occasion I was feeling a bit low when I decided to do some mirror gazing. Some new faces came through but they looked rather undesirable, bullyboy types. This didn't concern me because they soon disappeared anyway and I have good 'psychic protection' against undesirable influences from spirit. I have heard of other people having unpleasant experiences with mirror gazing when they have while feeling stressed out or depressed.

With any psychic work it is always advisable to join a development group, you can then discuss any problems in the group and get help. The least you must do is to have the telephone number of a good medium at hand and call them if there is anything you are concerned about, they are always happy to help with this kind of thing.

There are basically two methods of mirror gazing. First is the 'offset' method. In this method the mirror is offset so that you cannot see your own reflection. People have had some wonderful experiences of meeting loved ones in spirit using this method.

The other method is 'direct alignment' staring straight into the mirror. This is the method I have most successes with.

When attempting a mirror gazing session it's important to feel relaxed and pick a time that you wont be disturbed. Have some pleasant music playing quietly in the background and try to prepare a spiritual environment for the session. It's a good idea to call in the high Spirit for guidance and protection for any spiritual work. Lights should be dimmed but still allowing you to see into the mirror. If you would like to try a mirror gazing experiment but feel nervous about this you could have a friend come round for the session, someone who would like to join you in the experiment.

Mirror gazing is not like meditation. People rarely go into a deep state of altered consciousness so you remain aware of your surroundings and in control the whole time.

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I have studied Spiritualism and attended Development Circles for many years. I am also a registered Healer. Seeing and feeling the changes that occur whilst you are developing your abilities is the drive which makes you continue. It is truly amazing.

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July 12, 2024
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