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Psychic Readings - Divination Kumalak

Author: tolga savas

Psychic ability is a talent ability everyone possesses. It is a hidden talent you possess and is demonstrated whenever you display intuition which you normally do and should possess. Such information does not come from the knowledge that you have learned but from a source outside of your normal sources of knowledge. Such knowledge comes from the universal mind. Just as we have our normal five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting this psychic talent ability (intuition gut feeling) is known as the seer. When a psychic has learned how to open the curtains of his or her heart also when focus of the heart from the gifted soul is being, directed on a subject will see things that are not usually visible to normal eyes or senses. This humanly gift that everyone possesses it just has to be cultivated with years of training, as you may be aware that psychic readings are a insights to situations and events that a person might like to expand their knowledge about.

There is a lot of psychics out there some legitimate and unfortunately most not and psychics very often will use divination methods along with their psychic readings etc tarot, runes, coffee cup readings, astrology and kumalak and the end result of their psychic readings will be amazing for the enquirer given them clarity

Kumalak divination

Kumalak (to cast the stones) is one of the earliest divination method on earth, it has origins back to Kazakhstan and Mongolia, Himalayas, these countries being located in the center of Eurasia, has long been at the intersection of ancient world civilization. Thus it has been a site for a negotiation of social and spiritual, cultural and ideological relations between East and West, North and South between Europe and Asia. At different stages in history Kazakhstan has been home to many nations with distinctive cultural histories, which in turn also brought divination methods practiced in ancient worlds such as Persia, Egypt and Greek to this cultural hub. Although kumalak divination is unique to central Asia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Himalayas and north/west China it is also practiced world wide by hobbyists. Kumalak divination also known as the mirror of destiny it is extremely powerful at the right hands.

The way the reading is done, first the psychic kumalak reader gets forty one beads representing the weeks of the year for central Asian region, then one by one the psychic kumalak reader touches the beads on his / her forehead to open the eye of their mind, there has to be incantations repeated each time this is done when finished the incantations then, there is also twelve phrases which must be said, here's two of them below.

To above I summon the power of my soul
To below I summon the power is my soul

Above is English translation of some of the versus that must be repeated before a psychic sorts the kumalak divination to reveal the answer to a question, once this procedure is finished, then psychic kumalak reader separates the beads in to three piles, and minuses each pile four beads at a time, till there is only one, two, three or four beads left and places the beads accordingly making nine piles in total at the end. Enquirer must remember that, kumalak divination is opened to reassure the psychic reader for his or her answers and to gain more insight to the answers

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August 12, 2020
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