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More Ways To Divine Than Just Tarot

Author: Koz Huseyin

When we think of divination, often we will think of the Tarot cards, I Ching, a crystal ball perhaps. There are thousands of ways of divining. In this article we will take a look at some of these less known methods of divining.

A look at the many known methods of divination will show that they all contain sets of similar practices. The psychologist Julian Jaynes categorized divination into 4 sets. One set (Omens and Omen texts) was those that required a text or seed document which allowed one to use in obtaining answers.

Another set was those that he termed Sortilege. This type is those that require throwing a set of objects, such as sticks, stones, bones, and a number of other things that can be thrown.

The third set Augury deals with those methods that look at a given set of possibilities, and use that as a way to rank and find answers. The last set was that of Spontaneous, those methods that require no constraints or specific objects. This type of divination is being able to divine through whatever one seeks, like looking up at the clouds, divining through a Bible, etc.

* Horoscopes and astrology
Since the dawn of time people have looked at the stars as a divination method. Astrology works by plotting the certain state and positions of objects in the heavens. For example your birth month comes with a birth sign, which is a constellation. This is matched with meanings for those objects that fall within some important point, such as your birth.

* Tarot
The tarot has long been used as a method of divining. By far it is likely to be as popular as astrology. Knowing who really is number 1 would be a hard choice as they are as popular as each other. The tarot is a method of divination with a set of cards. These cards are shuffled and laid in what is called a spread. Then the tarot cards are turned over, and the answers found.

* I Ching
The I Ching is a method of finding answers that is gaining more and more popularity in the west recently. As the west has gained more acceptance into the New Age thought movement, many have started gaining insight with I Ching, especially online. A term which fits is Cybermancy, which we will be taking a look at.

The I Ching has been used in China and is based on a book called by the same name, which in English is called the Book of Changes. The book is used with a way of getting a random seed result. So objects are thrown, usually sticks and where they land is used to get a hexagram. This then is used to consult the Book of Changes to find out the meaning.

* Numerology
Numerology is a way of divining that looks at numbers. More particularly it looks at the letters of your name, and associates numbers to those letters. These numbers in turn are added together and found a number which has a meaning.

* Bibliomancy
Bibliomancy is a method of divination that uses a book. Mostly done with a Bible, hence Bibliomancy, but can also be done with any book. The user starts by forming a question, and opening the book to any page, with eyes closed. Then pointing to a random part of the page, eyes opened, reads what is said. This is the advice.

* Cybermancy
Cybermancy has come about thanks to the internet and computers. Computers are still a part of our universe, so is a great way to divine. Many online sites and computer software has been created that allows you to divine and find answers.

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August 12, 2020
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