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Clubs in Cartomancy; Tarot reading with the suit of Wealth and Success

by Keith Abbott

Cartmonancy is the art of using normal playing cards in divination. The Clubs suit is considered the channel of wealth and success in a reading. Learn the various meanings of the various Club cards in a client's reading.

===> Tarot Cards and Cartomancy

Just as modern playing cards developed from the tarot deck, so too did Cartomancy develop from Tarot reading. When the simpler to produce playing card deck became a common household item, a system of reading the cards for divination was derived. This oral tradition was passed down for decades until it was published by various sources. The meanings shown here are the ones most generally known in current sources. Remember, two main things make cartomancy simpler to read than the tarot; there are no Major Arcana cards for interpretation, and there are no reverse meanings of cards to learn.

===> Clubs as Client Cards

When a reading is performed, we chose a client card to place in the center of the layout to represent the person for whom the reading is done. Tradition holds that the client card is picked from among the king and Queen cards in the four suits. The King of Clubs is usually chosen to represent a dark haired younger man; while the Queen of Clubs is used to represent a dark haired younger woman. If either of these cards is used for the client card, it becomes a placeholder on the table, and is not interpreted as a part of the reading. Of course, if the card is not the chosen client card, it will be interpreted as is shown below.

===> Meanings of the Club Cards

Listed below are the cards in the suit of clubs and their general meaning in a reading. Note that Clubs in general predict success or failure in money, business, and professional relationships. The Ace of Clubs is the prime card of this suit; It predicts wealth, good health, and loyal relationships in the near future. The King of Clubs, when used in a reading, predicts an encounter with an honest and generous dark haired man, usually a young man. The Queen of Clubs calls for an encounter with an attractive, confident, dark haired young woman. The Jack of Clubs indicates an encounter with a loyal friend who can be trusted to aid you. The Ten of Clubs is the "fortune" card; it predicts sudden unexpected money or good luck will come to you. The Nine of Clubs indicates some holdup in your plans due to the stubbornness of friends or business partners. The Eight of Clubs is the "Risk" card; indicating failure and opposition to your plans. It indicates that you are taking reckless chances with something which may come to harm. The seven of Clubs indicates chances for prosperity provided you avoid the interference of a woman close to you. The six of Clubs calls for general success in business ventures. The five of Clubs calls for someone new to enter the picture, a new friend or a successful liaison with the opposite sex. The three of Clubs foretells marriage, either literally or figuratively. Lastly, the two of Clubs is the harbinger of opposition and disappointment. Your plans will probably be thwarted in the short term.

===> Conclusion

Clubs, along with the other suits in the card deck can provide clues that a reader will use to paint a full and insightful reading.

Keith Abbott is the developer and owner of 'Numerology 4 You' where you can order your own Numerology reading, as well as the free Numerology Chart of over 500 celeberieies. Visit him on the web today at

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July 12, 2024
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