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Finding Reliable Information about Astrology on the Internet

by T. Detty

Finding information about astrology can be very easy to do. However, no all of the information about astrology found on the internet, in books, and from phone lines is entirely accurate. There are many inaccurate or inadequate sources of information about astrology.

For the beginning astrologist especially it can be very difficult to determine what sources of information about astrology are the best sources to learn from. Doing a simple internet search or picking up the random book from your local bookstore may teach you the basics. However, for a more in depth study of astrology you really want to have accurate and detailed information.

There are several places that you can find excellent information about astrology. The internet is a veritable gold mine when it comes to finding information on any topic. Finding accurate information, however, can be a little more tricky.

The best place to start your search on the internet for information about astrology is with a Google search for "astrology 101" or "what is astrology." These searches will bring up websites that explain astrology rather than websites that are simply trying to sell you your astrological birth chart or astrological software. However, not all websites you will find through this search will be good sources of information about astrology.

When you start sifting through the undoubtedly massive list of search results, you will want to watch for a few things at each website. The website should provide information about all aspects of astrology. In other words, the websites you trust for information about astrology should list at least basic information about houses, ascendants, sun signs, moon influences, and planets or planetary movements.

Some websites will provide very general information about these topics. Generally these websites are trying to sell you something such as your astrological birth chart or astrology related software. However, these websites can be a good place to get an overview of astrology.

The best websites for information about astrology will be those that do not sell any products or services, but only provide useful and reliable information. These websites will give you much more reliable information about astrology. They will provide in depth explanations, and may even provide charts of dates and houses so that you can develop your own astrological chart.

You can also find reliable information about astrology in some very good books. These books are typically found in New Age or occult book shops. Avoid books on astrology that provide horoscopes or relationship advice based on sun signs. The zodiac is helpful, but astrology encompasses all planets and stars, not just the sun.

The best information about astrology will be found in books that outline the various houses, planets, and ascendants, just as you will look for in web sites. If you are not sure what books hold the most reliable information about astrology you can ask the book store staff.

In any case, you should check into several sources of information about astrology rather than relying on one single source. The variety of information about astrology that you find will give you a broader understanding of both the truths and the misconceptions involved with the study of astrology. It will also better prepare you for a life long study of the ancient art.

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June 18, 2024
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