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Tarot Cards Reading - Strength and the Hanged Man

Author: Dominique Halet

Strength - Arcana Major XI

The strength is represented by a young woman controlling a lion.

Her head dresses a hat adorned by a crown; which means she is a woman who has the power. Her red dress is the symbol of her strength.

This tarot card is the symbol of the spirit domination over brute physical strength, this tarot card also represents humanity as it is supposed to be.

Basic meaning:

In the right position strength is a card that represents conviction, energy, heroism, mental and/or physical strength...

In the reverse position, the strength is weak pettiness, pride, arrogance...


Once the tarot cards pulled, if strength is located on the right of the Magician it can mean a striking success in someone's workplace.

Placed on the right side of the Empress, strength may prove difficult pregnancy.

When the strength card is placed in a negative position in a question play (on the right), represents a blocked position due to the lack of conviction or confidence of the consultant.

When placed in response (at the bottom), it means that the situation will adjust thanks to the efforts of the consultant.

Strength is a very positive card.

The Hanged Man - Arcana Major XII

The Hanged Man represents passivity, the events over which we have no control. It is also a phase of mysticism.

The Hanged Man has lost his energy.The colors of the intellect, passion, action and nature are the dominant colors of this card.

The Hanged Man sees the world upside down, but perhaps The Hanging Man sees what others do not.

This Tarot card represents introspection, questioning. It is synonymous with expectation. But certainly not the end of something.

Basic Meaning:

The Hanged Man card in the right position: punishment, forced immobility, discipline, you have no control on what happens to you or on what you are expecting...

This Tarot card in the reversed position: unnecessary sacrifice, egotism, delusions, anxiety...

When we pull four cards and when The Hanged Man comes in a positive position (on the left), your waiting will be rewarded, the things are slow, it takes time to study and run a project.

If The Hanged Man is pulled in the negative position (on the right of the play), it represents the expectation, blocked situation, waiver.

When The Hanged Man is pulled in response (at the bottom) it means that the long wait is rewarded, a project has been properly studied and will succeed.

The Hanged Man on the right of the House of God means catastrophic immobility for someone (imprisonment for instance).

On the left side of Strength: remember that patience is a wise vertue and that it is always rewarded.

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